In 500 Words or Less …

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… write a short-short story, create a poem, come up with a limerick – whatever you’d prefer – using the following prompt as inspiration:


Five bucks left on the table


Then plan to join the WordWrites Guild at the North Dearborn Public Library at 6:00pm tomorrow, June 8th to read your work of literary genius while enjoying the company of fellow wordies.


Sharpen the Pencil, Smooth the Paper

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You are more than welcome to share your talents, questions, works-in-progress, or simply a love of words with fellow wordsmiths at this week’s WordWrites Guild meeting at 6:00pm at the Lawrenceburg Public Library. We will be reading our literary homework based upon the following assignment:

  • a former child star
  • the last day of school

You might be surprised, entertained; even moved, by the varied and personal writing that has been inspired by one set of prompts. It’s like recess for words!


Location Correction

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For those of you who are scratching your heads, perusing multiple maps, compasses and train timetables – wondering where, exactly, WordWrites Guild is planning to meet this week – well, the search is over with this corrected and apologgirl-1828079_1920etic update.

Everyone is invited to join WordWrites Guild at the Lawrenceburg Public Library this Thursday, April 27th from 6:PM-8:00PM.

WordWrites Guild is relieved, happy and definitely glad to report that we have returned to our normal schedule:

Every Second Thursday – North Dearborn Branch Library

Every Fourth Thursday – Lawrenceburg Public Library

We always meet from 6:00PM and always welcome new writers to join the discussion, the writing exercizes – the company of other writers.

From time to time we will meet at a local restaurant or coffee shop, but those events will be clearly posted on this site. If you have any suggestions, we’re always glad to hear from you.


Thank you for your support and interest.

We’re looking forward to sharing writing, ideas and challenges on

Thursday, April 27th in Lawrenceburg.

With Pen in Hand …

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… anything is possible!

Completing that memoir, pitching your book, fine-tuning that poem … it’s so much easier – and way more fun – when shared with encouraging, respectful and friendly wordsmiths just like you.
So often we hear from terrific writers who want to learn more about WordWrites Guild, but who wonder the same thing, ‘I don’t know if I’m really a ‘writer’; if my writing is good enough; if I’m ready to share this with anyone’.
And we at WWG say the same thing – just stop by; hang out with fellow writers who struggle, who sometimes write badly, sometimes better and once in a while – wow! We are all working on the craft, we each try to put onto paper the things that have meaning to us – whether that is a memory or a dream.
No matter where you are on your writing path, you are welcome at any WWG meeting. There are no dues, no criteria to meet – and no pressure to share your work. The art and business of writing is as varied as the people who have that need for and love of words.
Your voice will be a great addition to the community that is WordWrites Guild.
MARCH 23rdLawrenceburg Public Library Prompt: 500 words, Suspense – Whatever that brings to mind, however you are inspired to work with/interpret that idea, word, genre
APRIL 6thNorth Dearborn Library Prompt: 500 words, Choose at least four – but you are welcome to use all – of the words listed below:
Shooting Star
APRIL 27thLawrenceburg Public Library Prompt: 500 words, what can you come up with that includes all of the following?
can of Easy Cheese
the way she made tea
to be the great seducer
MAY 11thNorth Dearborn Public Library Prompt: To be determined by the group
MAY 25th Lawrenceburg Public Library Prompt: to be determined by the group
Please stay tuned for information about the Indiana Poet Laureate – Shari Wagner.
She will be visiting Southeastern Indiana later this year, so you may want to take advantage of this great opportunity to learn more about her work.

Meeting Reminder

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In just a few hours, you can be talking ‘shop’ with fellow word-mongers at the North Dearborn Public Library. Tonight at 6:00pm, a friendly, creative, cheerful group of writers will meet to share work, discuss challenges and celebrate successes both big and small.




You are invited to join this casual community of writers – your voice, ideas and talent will be warmly welcomed.



Please mark your calendars with the following WordWrites Guild meetings:


March 2nd – North Dearborn Library

March 23rd – Lawrenceburg Public Library

April 6th – North Dearborn Library

April 27th – Lawrenceburg Public Library

We meet from 6-8:00pm on two Thursdays each month, and always welcome drop-in visitors and new members.

We look forward to seeing you tonight!


This Thursday is THE Day!

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This is just a friendly reminder about the next WordWrites Guild meeting.

You are invited to share your work with fellow writers on this Thursday, February 2nd, at 6:00PM at the North Dearborn Branch Library.

It will be great to see what everyone has done with the four words that were chosen for the latest prompt (Innovation, Garbled, Recreant, Cryptic), and there will be a special viewing of the short film, El Destino, followed by a discussion of different ways to communicate using characters’ movements, emotions, surroundings, etc. without any dialogue.

Please join us for a creative and casual gathering of writers.


Welcome to 2017!

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Will this be The Year?

The year you attend your first writers’ conference?

The year you complete that novel? Screenplay? Epic poem?

The year you join WordWrites Guild and connect with fellow writers?

This could be the year …

It’s as easy as sending an email, making a call,

coming to a meeting. 



You’ll be warmly welcomed and just think – it’s such an easy way to check another resolution off your list!


We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!


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