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It’s time to sharpen your pencils, gather your masterpieces, and join fellow wordsmiths at this week’s gathering of writers at the Lawrenceburg Public Library at  6:00PM in the Ewbank Room.

The current writing prompt is:

The entrance to the tunnel was his only way out.

Although the final count is limited to 500 words, what you do with those words is of course entirely up to you. It’s always exciting to hear different interpretations, to discover a fresh twist on each new prompt. And as always, membership is free; the setting casual and friendly.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on…




Prompts and Dates and Poetry

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Hello Fair Reader!

Are you taking full advantage of rainy days and chilly nights to light the lamp, dip the quill and escape into a world of delight, horror or adventure?


To help you on your literary way, WordWrites Guild offers this intriguing writing prompt:

The entrance to the tunnel was his only way out.

If you will be sharing your masterpiece at the next WordWrites Guild meeting, the total count is limited to 500 words – including the prompt.


And speaking of the next WordWrites Guild (WWG) meeting, please make a note of the following updated information for the February, March and April meetings:



February 2nd – North Dearborn Branch Library

February 9th – NO Meeting Tonight

February 23rd – Lawrenceburg Main Library

March 2nd – North Dearborn Branch Library

March 9th – NO Meeting Tonight

March 23rd – Lawrenceburg Main Library

April 6th – North Dearborn Branch Library

April 13th – NO Meeting Tonight

April 27th – Lawrenceburg Main Library


All meetings will begin at 6:00pm, and end at 8:00pm.

All writers are welcome to join the discussion, share their work,

or just stop by to meet fellow word-geeks.




It is that time of year again – well, almost! April 2017 is National Poetry Month. Be sure to check with your local library, school, favorite bookstore – and of course, WordWrites Guild – to stay informed about local, regional and national poetry events. To learn more, request a poster, and to find a poem to carry in your pocket, please visit:




A New Season and A New Schedule


2826, 1926.98

Autumn,  1893    Artist: Harry Siddons Mowbray, American, born Egypt, 1858 – 1928


Change is in the air. We wrap it around our bare shoulders on chilly evenings, and we taste it when we bite into hard, cold, just-picked apples. We smell it in smoke-infused breezes and we see it along woodland paths of rust and gold.

This season of change is a fitting time for the WordWrites Guild to announce a new schedule and an invigorating event. As you may already know, tomorrow’s meeting marks the beginning of the new WWG meeting schedule:

Every SECOND Thursday of the month,

we will meet at North Dearborn Branch Library


Every FOURTH Thursday of the month,

we will meet at the Lawrenceburg Public Library


Our meeting times remain the same – from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM, and the premise of the group is unchanged; that is, to offer encouragement, support, and respectful critique to every writer who joins our friendly group to share a love of writing with fellow word-wranglers.

1933.447, 5919
Wooden Writing Tool  ca. 323 B.C.-A.D. 256



In keeping with our open-door approach to membership and our commitment to the community, WordWrites Guild is hosting the first annual Writers’ Festival on Thursday, October 27th in the Ewbank Room of the Lawrenceburg Public Library.

This free event is open to the public from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, and offers everyone an opportunity to meet a variety of writers, illustrators, and more. Along with refreshments, there will be a Book Title Scavenger Hunt, a Community Build-a-Book, and terrific door prizes (including a special prize for anyone bringing in our display ad from the Beacon newspaper).

If you, or someone you know, would like to reserve a space (completely free of any fees or charges) to showcase and sell your published books, or if you might like to volunteer for the evening, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

Please be sure to join us for this inaugural event, and feel free to bring family and friends – it is only with your attendance that the evening will be a success. Thank you for your interest, your support and your enthusiasm.

I/O as a Writing Exercize

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Stories are based upon decisions – the woman refused to marry for love, so settled for wealth; the safe-cracker rescued the child, and in doing so exposed his true identity;  the spider wrote fine things about the pig for his salvation, but not her own.

At every crossroad the writer faces choices, conflicts, opposites. This writing assignment was suggested by Marty, and is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be:

Begin with a binary situation, basically, the opposite of anything. It might be yes/no, war/peace, on/off, light/dark, life/death … anything that you consider to be two opposing somethings … and write a 512 word or less essay, poem, memoir, etc. incorporating that conflict.

Our nantipodal-39630_1280ext meeting will be especially exciting, enlightening, and entertaining as each of us shares our binary work. We hope you join us on Thursday, August 4th at the North Dearborn Branch Library at 6:00pm.

We always welcome members’ suggestions for writing prompts, guest speakers, and future events. Becoming a member is free and as easy as coming to a meeting. We welcome your input!


Editing Tools Comparison

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Dan Hawkins, WordWrites Guild co-chair and the owner of Hawkins Editing, LLC, will present an Editing Tools Comparison. He will examine the platform requirements, cost, functions, and strengths and weaknesses of six computerized editing tools. The tools range from revered to reviled and their costs range from free to $139.95 per year. Some are web based, some stand alone, and some are Word add-ins.

Dan will share his experience with the editing features of FileCleaner, Grammarly, Hemingway, Microsoft Word, PerfectIt, and SmartEdit. The presentation will also include a brief demonstration of each tool.

Join us for our meeting and Dan’s presentation June 2, at 6:00 PM, in the Dunevant Meeting Room at the North Dearborn Branch of the Lawrenceburg Public Library District.

May is a Mabsoot Month

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For WWG’s latest word prompts and writing assignment,

please click the Writing tab, above.

In the interest of neoterism, you are invited to exercise your own verbomania and play an eclectic word match game.


So often writers are reminded to rein in their love of words when writing. An expansive vocabulary might be a coveted asset during a heated game of Speed Scrabble, but can sometimes be seen as an obstacle for the general reader.

This is certainly a reasonable argument, but one which should not limit any logophile’s or malaprop’s pursuit of underused words or discovery of forgotten verbage.

The following words were found on Mr. Steve Chrisomalis’ magnificent website:

After completing the quiz, please visit, or scroll down for the answers.


  1. Sweet disposition, especially in conversation
  2. Sweet mixture of meringue and whipped cream
  3. Superficially sweet, insincere, two-faced


  1. Large nose
  2. Ruffian or gangster
  3. Burglar’s tool kit


  1. Legal document
  2. Device for hoisting and lowering a boat
  3. Long couch


  1. Cocktail ingredient made from lemons
  2. Silver drinking-cup
  3. Bar tool used to swirl/blend


  1. Long sword with slightly curved blade
  2. Foot-covering as part of suit of armour
  3. Novice conductor’s instrument


Are you feeling confident? Are you ready to impress fellow word-geeks with your verbal prowess?

If so, brace yourselves … the correct definitions are below:


  1. Sweet disposition, especially in conversation
  2. Sweet mixture of meringue and whipped cream
  3. Superficially sweet, insincere, two-faced


  1. Large nose
  2. Ruffian or gangster
  3. Burglar’s tool kit


  1. Legal document
  2. Device for hoisting and lowering a boat
  3. Long couch


  1. Cocktail ingredient made from lemons
  2. Silver drinking-cup
  3. Bar tool used to swirl/blend


  1. Long sword with slightly curved blade
  2. Novice conductor’s instrument
  3. Foot-covering as part of suit of armour


TahDah! You are quite the word-monger, aren’t you? Bravo to you!

You are invited to share your own discoveries of new, eclectic and fun words at upcoming WordWrites Guild meetings, held every first and third Thursdays at 6:00pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

A Writing Assignment … and Dinner, Too!

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Brace yourselves – it was a big night for choosing eclectic words from that treasure chest (or is it Pandora’s Box?) known as Vocabulary Cards – the bane of many a high school student’s existence.

Our latest writing assignment has a whopping 600 word limit – and the words du soir are:


Please click on each word for its definition, correct pronunciation, and origin.

Have fun!

Equally important is the news that …

everyone is invited to join

WordWrites Guild at The Big Greek Cafe in Harrison, Ohio

on Thursday, April 21st at 6:00pm

for a delicious dinner-on-your-own, and plenty of conversation.


We hope you will be able to join us for this low-key, comfortable gathering.

The restaurant is easy to find at 1150 Harrison Ave  Harrison, OH.

DH Athens GREEK Exterior Sign Front

We are looking forward to seeing you on April 21st!

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