Certain qualities make life worth living.  These qualities not only affect you but also affect society.  By attaining these qualities, life becomes easier.  But what are these qualities?


These qualities are life’s BIG WORDS.  To have a satisfying quality of life, one must be satisfied with one’s self.  Being accepted and affirmed are keys to good mental health.  Productivity is a necessity.  So is security.

But having a flawed character makes a story more interesting.  Deprive your character of something.  Think Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz who didn’t have the security of home.  In Jamie Ford’s Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Henry, because his nationality, lacked acceptance.  Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind lacked the affirmation of Ashley’s love. When developing a character, subtract one or more of life’s qualities.

The writing prompt for the upcoming WordWrites Guild meeting is to use one of these BIG Words in your writing.  It can be an essay, a poem, or a fictional account.   Choose from productive, secure, self-satisfied, affirmed, accepted, quality of life or add your own BIG WORD of life.

The next WordWrites meeting is May 9 from 6-8 in the Depot Room of the Lawrenceburg Public Library.