Do you enjoy writing? Can you picture your name on the cover of a book? Do you dream of having that book on bookstore shelves? Do you aspire to become a famous writer? Fame, my friend, is the star of hope for all writers. 

But what is fame? The dictionary defines the word “fame” as “Being known about by many people.” If that is the case, then the question we as writers must ask ourselves is: how does one become known about by many people? Interestingly enough, it is not always by being the best writer. The answer to becoming FAMOUS is getting your name out there. The world must hear about YOU, talk about YOU, see information about YOU. Promote yourself. Keeping your name and writing in the spotlight equals fame. 

You may ask, “Am I a writer? Can I even call myself a writer?” Quite simply put, a writer is a person who writes. To be a good writer, one must write frequently–sometimes a little, sometimes a considerable amount. To become a proficient writer, one must make writing a daily practice. As the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect.”

Keep in mind that writing does not stand alone. To be a good writer, one must also be a reader. Study the works of other writers. Take note of the way words are combined, the rhythm of the words and phrases, the way plots are contrived, the way characters are developed. Use these skills and styles as a springboard for your own writing.

Share your work with others. Wordwrites Guild is the perfect place to do this. The next meeting is Thursday, March 14 from 6 to 8, meeting in the small cubicle inside the front door of the Lawrenceburg Public Library.

The prompt for the meeting is to use the following phrases in your writing: confetti in the rain, fighting neighbors, grocery store, next month. The fun begins when we share our writings and see how the phrases take on different (and sometimes hilarious) personae.