… the shadows cast a spell, and somewhere in the …

Well, you get the idea – it’s October!

It’s time to craft the stories and spin the tales of things that go BUMP (quite often followed shortly thereafter by an OUCH!) in the night. With a dib of this and a dab of that – oh, the imagination goes wild! Winds howl. Ghosts and goblins walk the earth. The natural world goes awry. This month’s writing prompt is to write (in 700 words or less) the scariest story you can, one that evokes terror and fear in the hearts of readers.

So, with this eerie prompt in mind, write up a fresh batch of scariness with plenty to share and join fellow word-cooker-uppers at the next WWG meeting on October 25th in the Ewbank Room of the Lawrenceburg Public Library. Be sure to join us as we tell tales and sharpen skills from 6:00-8:00!

Discussion topic for this meeting will be “Clichés”. Like ’em or hate ‘hem, bring your ideas about them to the Ewbank Room on October 25.

WordWrites Guild is open to everyone: novelists, poets, journalists, memoir-ists, or even those with just the start of a creative writing idea.  There is never a fee to join this casual, warm, and good-humoured gathering.