Walking into a local store last week, I was startled by the abundance of 0b7d69de-0639-448e-91c2-60623fb04db9_0076brown turkey paper streamers,and pumpkin shaped soup tureens. In spite of the 90* outside,  walking through the autumn-themed aisles, it felt as though summer had slipped away even before the swimming polls had closed and the leaves had begun to fall.

The end of summer and loss of those activities and colors associated with it loosely tie in with our current prompt:


In 600 words or less, write about an individual or situation or entity losing a certain talent, dream or skill through no fault of their own. For example, how would the story of an Olympic sprinter change if he/she were blinded, permanently or even temporarily? What would happen to world economies if chocolatiers suffered mass amnesia and could not remember how to successfully transform raw cacao seeds into the chocolate we know today?

The possibilities are vast since so much of life has to do with gains and losses, beginnings and endings. Of course every writer of every genre is invited to participate. It will be fun to read poetry, an essay, one’s memoir, or even one-act plays based upon this idea of having and then being without.


Please join us on Thursday, September 1st at the North Dearborn Branch Library at 6:00pm. We are looking forward to sharing our work, critiquing submissions, and talking about future events that evening.

Happy Writing!