Hello Wordsmiths,

Have you whiled away these sultry summer days with tall, cool glasses filSAM_1019led with clinking ice cubes and slightly tart lemonade? Have you lost yourself in a cheesy novel while dipping your toes into a kiddie pool? Or have you been the life of the party, catching up with laughing friends while making promises to, ‘do this more often’?

And have you found – possibly to your surprise – that the following quote from the 1991 book, The Quotable Woman, edited by Running Press, is even a little true?


“As you grow older, you”ll find that you enjoy talking to strangers far more than to your friends.”
Joy Williams


This quote is actually our writing prompt this time around. The quote can be included in the work itself, or simply be used as inspiration for a memoir, essay, poem – whatever you’d prefer. No matter the approach, the word count is limited to 518 words.
Good luck with your writing – we encourage you to share your unique interpretation of and approach to this assignment at the next meeting of the WordWrites Guild on Thursday, July 21, at 6:00pm at the Lawrenceburg Public Library.
We look forward to seeing you soon!