Hello Everyone,
We had another good WordWrites Guild meeting last week, during which we shared our competed assignments from the previous meeting, and discussed the many different approaches to, and styles of, writing.
While updating the group on the status of our projects currently underway, we agreed that the effort required for securing an agent or publisher could limit the time and energy available for story telling – as is the case with any writer, painter, musician, et al. Unfortunately, we didn’t come up with any alternatives, so we continue to wear both hats and juggle both enterprises.
In keeping with that need to create, this week’s writing assignment/prompt comes from a vintage box of vocabulary words, randomly chosen by members in attendance at last Thursday’s meeting:
The word count is limited to 500 words.
Have fun – and please stop by our next WordWrites Guild meeting at the Lawrenceburg Public Library at 6:00PM on March 17. We will hope to see you then.