We are happy to announce that WordWrites Guild is now on Meetup.com,

We are looking forward to meeting new writers who have learned about us through this new site.

We at WordWrites Guild hope that each of you enjoyed safe and happy holidays – and that all of those family dinners, retail adventures, and quiet moments have resulted in an abundance of inspired writing.

If you are an experienced writer who hopes to put more words on paper, complete that novel, or experiment with a different genre this year, then WordWrites Guild welcomes you. If you are a new writer who is just beginning to discover the fun of putting pen to paper, then we invite you to join our respectful and encouraging group. Our members know all too well the joy and frustration of word-wrangling, so enjoy sharing tips, lessons learned, and challenges with our writing community.

Our meetings will resume on January 15, 2015 at the NORTH DEARBORN PUBLIC LIBRARY at 6:00pm.  As always, our meetings are free of charge and open to all writers of any genre or skill level.

We look forward to seeing you this month and throughout the new year.