And we love stories.  Over the past couple months we’ve tried a couple new things that have met with kudos from our members.

We recently had a Read and Tell night where our members brought in snippets of either very bad or very good writing that they had encountered. It was so much fun that we will be making it an unscheduled, regular feature. However, rather than dedicating a specific night to Read and Tell, we will make space for these snippets whenever they are uncovered. The next time you happen upon writing that moves you to a ‘Wow!’ or a ‘How on Earth did that get published?’ bookmark it and bring it to our next meeting.

We’ve also been experimenting with a new process for our peer reviews. Rather than each reviewer going through the entire document one at a time, we’ve been doing a page at a time in a discussion format. This has been unanimously praised by reviewer and reviewee alike. This is now our default method for our peer reviews. Please drop in and join in a review discussion. Even better, submit your work for review.