It has happened to all of us. There we are in the thick of the plot, holding our breath and keeping a tight grip on the page when suddenly, out of nowhere – inappropriate punctuation. Or a glaringly misspelled word. Or a sentence so odd, certainly it migrated from another book altogether.
By the same token, each of us has experienced a beautifully written paragraph, a sentence – or sometimes a single word – that profoundly touches us as readers. The essence of the writing colors the characters; enhances the storyline, and resonates within and throughout the overall meaning of the book, seemingly without effort. This kind of ethereal, and yet structurally sound word craft is a thing of beauty, and too often, difficult to find.
At last, here is your opportunity to share, discuss, enjoy and learn from all of those shocking writing gaffs, as well as those wisps of literary perfection.
Join the WordWrites Guild as participants read their favorite examples aloud and talk about what can be learned from the best – and the worst – of published writing.
We look forward to seeing you with books in hand, this Thursday, May 1st at 6:00pm at the North Dearborn Library.