As the guest speaker at last night’s Conversations with Authors event, hosted by the WordWrites Guild and the Lawrenceburg Public Library District, local author and illustrator Susan Troutt quickly captured the audience’s attention while sparking their imaginations.

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Mrs. Troutt’s entertaining program focused on setting, character and plot development.

In an exercise designed to bring the concept of setting into clear focus, Mrs. Troutt invited attendees to close their eyes and visualize their childhood homes.  Many participants were surprised by the vivid details such as colors, faces and even scents that they could recall.

Audience interaction was key when discussing character and plot development. Attendees provided fun details about an imaginary character – in this case a monied, authoritative and somewhat gullible Miss Parkay – and discussed ways in which these characteristics would drive the plot.

Throughout the program, Mrs. Troutt made effective use of her well synchronised PowerPoint presentation in bringing her natural story telling and teaching abilities to life.

Following the program, attendees spoke with Mrs. Troutt, purchased signed copies of her books, and enjoyed decadent desserts provided by Annie’s Classic Cafe.