Summertime and the Writing is Easy …

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As some of you may be aware, we at WWG have decided to end our MeetUp presence. We do want to assure everyone that our actual, in-person meetings continue – so we encourage you to take advantage of the free support, the abundant camaraderie, and the enlightening conversation about language, words and creativity.

Our next meeting will be held at the Lawrenceburg Public Library in the Ewbank Room on Thursday, July 16, from 6:00PM – 8:00PM. We will be sharing our always creative responses to the last meeting’s writing assignment – and reviewing at least one new submission.

In 250 words or less, write a story about a main character who is a homeless person who is a Hugger.

Put the character in a situation dealing with woods and an award ceremony.

These prompts were chosen at random from The Storymatic tool/game/prompt generator.

Please join us for an evening of shop-talk and friendship.

April is Hopping with Wordy Fun!


Hello Fellow Writers,

WordWrites Guild is gearing up for an especially busy month. We are currently reviewing two writers’ submissions. One is a delightfully written young readers’ chapter book – very funny! The other is a poignant short story about a beloved horse.

One of our members has accepted the Blogging A to Z Challenge. She and countless others will post to their blogs something, anything inspired by a different letter of the alphabet every day – except Sundays – through the month of April.


This is also National Poetry Month, so Word Geeks might like to visit the link for some terrific ideas for celebrating poetry. And with that in mind, every pocket will surely be filled with poems on April 30th – National Poem in Your Pocket Day.

We hope everyone has ample opportunity to play with language – indoors and especially out now that the days are warm and sunny. Have great fun and know that you are always welcome to stop by any WordWrites Guild meeting to share your love of words with like-minded folks.

Happy Writing!

Meeting Reminder

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Hello Fellow Writers,

Join WordWrites Guild in welcoming spring with fresh writing and budding talent. We will meet at the North Dearborn Library on Thursday, April 2nd to review/critique two submissions, and to share our creative responses to the most recent writing assignment.


In 250 words or less, write a story about a main character who is a farmer and the a hunter.

Put the character in a situation dealing with a long walk with an old friend and “can’t get down”.

These prompts were chosen at random from The Storymatic tool/game/prompt generator.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

March 5th Meeting Canceled

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to cancel the March 5th meeting of WordWrites Guild.  We will be back in our usual room in the Lawrenceburg Public Library on March 19th.



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Even though skies are gray and temperatures plummet, there is no reason to shiver in the chill – simply head to your desk and keep those fingertips warm by writing the next  literary masterpiece.

As your work progresses, be sure to attend WordWrite Guild meetings. Each twice-monthly meeting offers members ample opportunity to share their work for honest critique and sincere accolades.

Under the Writing tab, all writers will find a new writing assignment that is chosen by the group at each preceding meeting. Everyone is encouraged to read their piece aloud. It is always fun to hear the many variations and perspectives that stem from one prompt.

Everyone is also invited to share examples of published authors’ incredible writing – or examples of horrific grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. All writers learn from one another – and sometimes those lessons are found in the most unexpected places.

As we all create and stumble and celebrate and ponder, fellow word-geeks at WordWrites Guild are there to share the process.

We are a welcoming group of writers who share a love of language and a need to put words to paper; all with a sense of fun and friendship. We are looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

New Year – Fresh Writing!

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We are happy to announce that WordWrites Guild is now on,

We are looking forward to meeting new writers who have learned about us through this new site.

We at WordWrites Guild hope that each of you enjoyed safe and happy holidays – and that all of those family dinners, retail adventures, and quiet moments have resulted in an abundance of inspired writing.

If you are an experienced writer who hopes to put more words on paper, complete that novel, or experiment with a different genre this year, then WordWrites Guild welcomes you. If you are a new writer who is just beginning to discover the fun of putting pen to paper, then we invite you to join our respectful and encouraging group. Our members know all too well the joy and frustration of word-wrangling, so enjoy sharing tips, lessons learned, and challenges with our writing community.

Our meetings will resume on January 15, 2015 at the NORTH DEARBORN PUBLIC LIBRARY at 6:00pm.  As always, our meetings are free of charge and open to all writers of any genre or skill level.

We look forward to seeing you this month and throughout the new year.

Meeting Schedule Update

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Please join the WordWrites Guild on

Wednesday, December 10th

6 pm until 7:30 pm

Sally Stegner Depot Room

Lawrenceburg Public Library

Everyone is welcome to enjoy light refreshments

during an evening of conversation with

local writers and fellow logophiles.

We look forward to seeing you.




Please review our updated schedule, making note of each venue through March 2015.

NEW ::: Active members are invited to visit our new password-secured Members page.  Members’  writing prompt submissions and works-in-progress can be viewed  on this page.

We encourage all interested writers to review the current writing assignment found under the Writing Exercises & Assignments tab, above.

We look forward to seeing new faces and hearing new voices this winter. As always, all writers are encouraged to join this enthusiastic and encouraging group.


  • December 4, North Dearborn; Dunevent Meeting Room #1 (our usual room)


  • December 10, Lawrenceburg Library; Sally Stenger Depot Room

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE – Members, Guests, and Public Invited – More Information to Come


  • January 1, Holiday


  • January 15, North Dearborn; Dunevent Meeting Room #1 (our usual room)


  • February 5, North Dearborn; Dunevent Meeting Room #1 (our usual room)


  • February 19, Lawrenceburg Library, Ewbank Meeting Room


  • March 5, North Dearborn; Dunevent Meeting Room #1 (our usual room)


  • March 19, Lawrenceburg Library, Ewbank Meeting Room

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